From the recording Intro King PT.2 Lyons


Drop it
like it’s hot
Like a rock
In a pot

then boil it

Hop off the pot
Just stop
Hot shit You are not
You are just a little
Fart in a toilet

Oil it

Baby get the ointment
Baby get the lotion
Put it in the basket
Or imma get the hose
Start blastin
Put em in a body bag
Put em in a casket
Where ya hoe go
I dont really kno
Bitch Stop askin
I ain’t Nemo
Me & you are on
A Need to know
I dont really Even know
Hit & run
I don’t ever leave a note
Sit son
Me & you are gonna
Have to have ourselves
That lil talk
Talk about the
birds & the bees
& the word
How it reads
Bout Adam
Bout Eve
Bout M.O.B

What makes you you
What makes me me

Who the fuck you fought ?
Who the fuck you beat ?

I’ve gone through hell
Now go through me
My name ring bells
Out on these streets

No I’m not scared
Not in the least

I don’t fight fair
And I’m a beast

I do not care
who fuckin sees

I’ll throw a pair
And break yo teeth

You can’t compare
yourself To me

Cause I’m a lion
not a sheep
Where the beef

Cause I’m lion
not a sheep

Don’t test my heart
Don’t test my G

And It ain’t smart
And you ain’t hard
But neither is a sheep
It’s time to eat
I been eatin in these streets
Before Corona
I sha rona

I been feast’n
like a king
& Go & earn mine like a soldier

Ask permission
Fore you speak
Before I have ta go expose ya

I been dyin for some beef
It’s Time to eat
the wait is over
I’m a lion
Not a sheep

I ain’t lyin
I’m a G

Test my pride
And you go see

The last place
You wanna be

Is standing right in front me

I heard u rollin fuckin deep
I’ll have an all that you can eat

Cause I’m lion
Not a sheep